Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 141: Disneyland and Instagram

I'm amazed at how that rhymes. Disneyland and Instagram. It just works.

And that's why I'm sharing news that recently came out of...well...Disneyland. Since the resort is the most Instagramed place on earth, they launched a Disneyland Instagram account, and it's going to feature guest photos from the resort. How cool is that? My new goal in life...probably to get a picture in on this...but that means going back, once again, through all my Disneyland pictures...something I really don't have time for at the moment. Still, I suppose it's one of my many summer projects (whether or not I'll actually get all those summer projects done or not is a great question).

I mean, still though, this is pretty awesome. Now all we need is for Disney World to make something like this...and then I will be super happy. I mean, then every Sunday really WOULD be Spaceship Earth Sunday!

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Here's today's Disney History: 1928: Walt Disney's trademark application for "Mickey Mouse" is filed with the United States Patent Office.

Have a magical day!