Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 126: Disney Overload

I think it's pretty obvious that we all love Disney, but some times we have a day where we just get a bit too much. Well, not too much, because there's never enough Disney, but I was focusing so much on it today that my head started to hurt and by the time I finish this post I'll be more than ready for bed.

I had a discussion with my band director once again about our trip, and that's probably what made my head hurt. I generally can go on for hours about Disney history or the layout of the parks or what attraction is which and who it would be good for, but thinking about reasons as to why we should stay on property, add an extra day to the trip and watch where we're gets to be pretty serious conversation! And I'm no where near finished!

But I do have to say that part of our conversation was about how this trip, no matter what, is going to do nothing but make me mad. And he's right, and I know that. I will be the opposites. I will be the student who has the best trip, since I have spent me entire life dreaming of marching down Main Street with my band. But I will also be the student with the worst trip, since everything will be so structured and I am so much more experience with Disney than anyone else on the trip (and as much as my brother hates to admit it, not even he comes close).

Still, I can assure that I want to help with this trip, and I feel that it is my responsibility to help, because I want this trip to be the best it can be for everyone else. I was asked which of the four parks I would go to if we could only do three, and while I am certainly more of an Animal Kingdom person, I have decided that Hollywood Studios would be a better option for the group. Will it make me happy? No, but will it make the trip better for everyone else? Yes. It isn't my band directors job to make me happy, and I'd rather be unhappy than have everyone else unhappy. This is their trip, and I am going to make my dream of marching down main street come true, not to spend more time at Disney (although that's a plus).

And so, I've put on my Cast Member in Training Thinking Cap, and I've been working to make this as magical as it could possibly be for everyone going. Not for me, not for my family, but for the group as a whole. Yes, I have an influenced opinion, but I also know more than enough about Disney to promote whatever it is the band decides on, and I will be just as excited for this trip whether or not we stay on property (we need to...just saying), or if we go to Kennedy Space Center, or if we skip out on Animal Kingdom.

Because when it comes down to it, all that really matters to me is that parade (and riding Spaceship Earth), and seeing people close to me experience something that I've had the wonderful opportunity to experience for my entire life. And as a person looking to make experiences like that for the rest of her life, there's going to be nothing more worthwhile.

Tomorrow's blog post will be less hard core thinking...hopefully!

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: Originally reopened as a limited engagement run last year, the Captain EO attraction at Tokyo Disneyland will now remain a permanent attraction.

Have a magical day!