Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 140: MCO

Now, this might seem like kind of a strange post for today, but trust me, it does have a bit of a point.

This last week, one of my friend's parents took a trip to Florida, and of course they flew in through Orlando International Airport. And since my own Disney trip is quickly approaching, I figured I'd make a post just about it...the airport that is.

The Orlando International Airport is the place most Disney-goers fly through, including myself, and that makes the airport all part of the great adventure each time we go. If you've been there, especially more than one, you know that there are plenty of little things that makes the airport all part of the Disney vacation itself. 

The first one is obvious...the Disney Store. It always makes me smile to see Spaceship Earth and the rest of the icons on that wall. I know I did get some video it the last time I went, for the vlog, but it didn't make it into the actual video because I didn't do one for the first day...that will change for this next trip though...since I already have an idea for my first video. But either way, it's a little piece of Disney that's there early, or, if you forgot to grab something from the parks, it's a great last chance to get that extra souvenir.

But if you're like me, you also know that the very first (and last) "attraction" of a Disney vacation is also at the airport...the tram ride of course! Or monorail...I'm not absolutely sure what it's called, at least not off the top of my head, but it's still awesome. I mean, it's a little sad when you don't get that front window seat (although my brother and I always used to like run to get it), but it's still fun to be able to take a ride! I'm pretty sure we have film of this from just about every vacation too...just saying. 

And so, MCO is really a big part of the Disney vacation experience, unless you're driving, because that's an entirely different story. But if you do fly, between the Disney store and the monorail and the way the suitcases click on the tile floor (I don't know why it always reminds me of vacation...), it's certainly another great thing you can experience on your trip. And then there's the rental car or Magical Express or a Taxi, or whatever you use to get to Disney, but I feel like that's another post entirely. Maybe I'll do that on a later post, sometime after I've made that trip again. It is only a few months away, after all!

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: Star Wars Weekends returns to Walt Disney World for the 2011 season, the same day as the much anticipated Star Tours attraction reopens with a grand ceremony. More than 50 story combinations are possible for guests to experience aboard Star Tours, so guests can enjoy the attraction multiple times without ever experiencing the same adventure. 

Have a magical day!