Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 129: My Disney Collection V2

Last time I talked about my Disney collection, I gave a basic tour of my room and then showcased the things that line my walls. But what about my bookshelves? There's plenty of Disney there too of course, and it makes perfect sense that they get an entire blog post just about them!

I have two bookshelves, although one is certainly more Disney themed than the other. Here's my first one, the non-Disney one, but it still has a few Disney parts to it, and especially around it. On top sits those Star Wars posters I talked about in the last volume of my Disney Collection.

And off to either side I've got things too. On the right sit some of my shoes, most noticeably my yellow converse, which I love to use for Disneybounding. But I have the grey shoes too, and use them as a Disney bound piece all the time as well. And on the left side, sitting on my bedside table, I've got my Han Solo M&M dispenser, which I got over a year ago. Obviously I keep it for the Han Solo-ness and not the chocolate. 

But as I said before, my other bookshelf is really where the Disney stuff sits. There's a whole bunch of it!

It all starts on the top of the bookshelf, where I have my Mickey Mouse lamp. It's pretty cool if you ask me. 

And the first shelf? It's all Disney! I have my copies of the Kingdom Keepers (not book 6 since that wans't out when I took these pictures, plus I don't know where I'll fit it yet!), as well as Peter and the Starcatchers. And then my Once book, my Disney dogs book, DisneyWar and the Quoteable Walt Disney. I have plenty of other books though...but that's for another volume.

But my next shelf is probably my favorite! It's filled with randomness, namely my CD's and such, but also has one of these little guys: 

If you visited Epcot several years ago you might have seen the Robots exhibit, and you could have gotten one of these for free. You'll see another one up on my shelf in one of the upcoming posts, but I'm sure I have at least four or five...just that I made. There are tons of other ones that people in my family have made too. 

But by far one of my most prized non-Disney (well...up until recently) possessions is the following: My Indiana Jones hat. Yes. It's official. I got it from Disney and everything. It's an Indy hat, through and through. Occasionally I'll wear it, but most of the time it sits proudly...right on top of two of my favorite "The Making of Indiana Jones" and "The Making of The Empire Strikes Back" books! I got them both for Christmas, and don't think I could ever look through them enough. I tend to mark my favorite Harrison Ford stories too, but, as always, that's for another post.

And I guess you could say my last bookshelf is under my TV...where I keep all of my movies. I have them organized of course, and there's plenty of Disney movies down there! You can't really see it that well, but the taller stack in the back in my Disney movies...aside from those my family owns. The front stack is my general movies, and to the left I have my small selection of Blu-Ray's and Harrison Ford movies (yes, they're separate), and behind are Indy, Star Wars (Blu-Ray and VHS!), my Seasons of the Muppet show and I love Lucy. Hours and hours of stuff for me to watch when I get bored!

So that's the end of Volume 2 of my Disney collection. Of course, there's plenty more to see. In the next post we'll take a trip outside of my bedroom to see my Disney mug collection, and after that there's still the rest of my shelves and a very special Spaceship Earth collection!

Here's today's Disney History: 1954: Walt Disney's daughter Diane marries USC football player Ron Miller at the All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church in Montecito, California. The "Football" ceremony features a minister who was a former player & coach, and a five-tier cake topped with female and male football players. Diane and Ron will have seven children and in 1983, Ron will become CEO of Walt Disney Productions. 

Have a magical day!