Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 138: Disney Conversations

This probably isn't what you think it just keep reading.

Last night, I told my friend that this was going to be today's blog post, and I'm keeping my word because I think it seriously is something that totally works for a blog all about how Disney impacts my everyday life.

I think this is a pretty good picture to help explain...

To say I speak in movie quotes is an understatement. It's like all I speak in, and with my friend's, it's no exception. So when last night my friend and I had the following conversation, I just couldn't not make a blog post about it!

Friend: A is transporting to a new location, she will be with you again shortly.

Me: Your time machines could begin moving again at any moment. Please remain seated. 

Yeah, not a huge conversation (although there is more...but that's the important part), but do you get it? That's right...if you've been on Spaceship Earth anywhere near (ok...probably even just once or twice), you might already know that what I replied with is the narration that comes over when they have to load a wheelchair onto the ride! It's ok though..."Your time travel is resuming now" is what happened later. 

But that's not all the funny conversations we have. At my school, and while it has literally nothing to do with me, whenever there's a drill of some sort where we have to stay in the classrooms, our vice Principal goes over the system when it's over and says "You are free to more about the cabin!" and I crack up just about every time!

Many of my friends and I have a back and forth thing where one of us says "I love you" and the other says, you guessed it, "I know!" And next year when I return to visit my friends still in high school, I already know that as soon as I walk in I'll go "Together at last! How we doin'?" and they will go "Same as always" and finally I'll return "That bad huh?" Oh yes...Return of the Jedi still reigns. But more Star Wars will certainly come in tomorrow's post! 

But one final "conversational movie quote" we have and use almost every day comes from Mulan...when Mushu goes "Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your COW!" Considering we live in Wisconsin this shouldn't come as a surprise honestly. 

Either way, I could go on for hours and hours and blog post after blog post about all the random movie quotes that pop up in my life...many of which are Disney, but I couldn't help but share that with you...and these few. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1993: The hit TV series Full House goes to Disney World in Part 2 of "The House Meets the Mouse." (Note: This is one of my two favorite episodes of Full House of ALL TIME!)

Have a magical day!

Oh, and one more thing...I will raise the safety bar for you...and a ghost will FOLLOW YOU HOME!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!