Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 123: Sounds of Disney

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the smells that remind us of Disney, and how we sometimes find those smells outside of the parks and it transports us back.

Sadly, that's not quite the same for music. There are times where a song brings me to Disney, and it's not a Disney song at all, but that's not something that happens all the time. For instance, after my last trip, I automatically associate the song Sleigh Ride with Epcot because I heard it there constantly, which was quite annoying since we were playing that song for our Christmas band concert.

Either way, there are all those sounds at Disney that, well, remind us of Disney, and luckily for us, there are ways to get those sounds outside of Disney.

It wasn't anywhere near as long ago that I told you about Live365, and how the online radio really brought me a lot of joy throughout my life because of the Parks music and tracks that play there, but tonight, as I was working on some writing, it occurred to me that, if you listen closely enough, you can recognize any Disney sound as quickly as you can identify "You've got a friend in me" as a song from Toy Story.

This was brought on since I was listening to Live365, and a dark, ominous sounding track came onto Parkhopper radio. It was a low rumble sound, that had a kind of ring to it (it's so hard to describe), the trickle of water, and the small sound of bats. Of course, it took me all of two seconds to notice this was from the caves of Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom.

Now, I'm sure that if you know what I'm talking about, you have those odd sounds echoing through your mind.

So it's just kind of interesting to see what kinds of things bring us right back to the parks. Listening to the sounds of the parks is probably really bad for me since it only makes me want to do one thing...go to Disney. Granted, that's not really a problem, other than the fact that I still have just over two months until I can go back...which is not cool at all.

On the other hand...two months mean's it's almost time to make a new countdown...

Here's today's Disney History: 1871: Walter Robinson Parr, the Illinois-based preacher who Elias Disney named is fourth son Walter after, is born in Liverpool, England. It was while serving as a pastor at St. Paul's Congregational Church in Chicago that be befriended Elias Disney.

Have a magical day!