Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 122: Quoting

For my friends and family, it is common occurrence for me to mention "The Quote Book." I keep a record of many of the hilarious or inspirational (mostly hilarious) things those around me say, and it always brings back great memories when we go through and read them. Many of these quotes would probably end up in a book if I ever write one too, but the thing about the quote book is, you don't have to go looking for quotes to find them.

This morning my friend and I were looking at pictures from the new Star Trek film, "Into Darkness" and she asked me who played I looked it up, which led me to search for Harrison Ford because of a conversation I had with my family last night. It turns out that, if he's going to be in Star Wars and with the possibility of a new Indy, he has six films currently at some stage of production, plus "42" which was obviously just released. And then we got into reading interesting facts and quotes from Ford, always a fun pastime.

Anyway, he's a pretty brilliant guy, and he has quotes to match it. Here are three of my favorites that I felt the need to share for today's post...

"Whoever had the bright idea of putting Indiana Jones in a leather jacket and a fedora in the jungle ought to be dragged into the street and shot."

"What does that mean [when a director says] "Trust me?" Does that mean I should obviate all of my experience? Should I replace a certain knowledge with belief? Where does that get you? I have had experience in my life. I am 63 years old. Why should I be trusting a director?"

"I understood the impact of those movies because I had young children who watched them religiously. I saw the Star Wars films so often in my house that I ended up knowing all of the other actors' lines." 

I don't really have anything else for today since I actually have to make up the past two days, and there's plenty of Disney going into that. Plus...we're only two days away from May the Fourth, so it's about time for a little extra Star Wars.

Here's today's Disney History: 2006: At 9:02 a.m., Disneyland welcomes 12-year old Emmalee Mason of Colorado Springs, Colorado - the honorary two-millionth guest to visit a Disney Park! Emmalee is presented with a giant golden key and a lifetime pass to all 11 Disney Parks around the world.

Have a magical day!