Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 107: No Disneyland

Today is my first day back to normal life after spending the last few days at our State FBLA conference, and sadly, I have to report that I'm not headed to nationals this summer...and therefore, there will be no Disneyland this summer. I received 6th place at the competition in Public Speaking II, and while I'm fine with not winning, it is still a bit disappointing to not go to Nationals...and specifically for me, Disneyland.

But since my speech was largely about how FBLA has changed me as a person, and about my goals to become an Imagineer, I figure that I shouldn't dwell on it for too long. Life does go on, after all, and we always keep moving forward. That's certainly something both FBLA and Disney have taught me, and it makes no sense for me to stop listening to that advice now.

Honestly though, I think more than anything, I'm just awful tired. The state conference is an amazing event...but the downside is that you get very little sleep...and therefore, everyone who went is walking around with glazed over eyes today. I have to say that I found it a bit amusing when I got out of bed and it felt as if my feet had been to Disneyland without me...when in reality it was just from wearing my heels so much the past two days.

Hopefully there will be a trip to Disneyland in my future though, and in fact, I know there will be, because I'm not going to stop chasing my dream of becoming an Imagineer. I may have lost, and I may not be going to Disneyland this summer, but I'll get over it, and I'll continue to obsess over Disney as I always do. It's how life works.

We keep moving forward.

Here's Today's Disney History: 1924: Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures and the Louis B. Mayer Company merge to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer...or MGM. MGM will become one of the biggest producers and distributors of films and television programs and even team-up with Disney to open a Florida theme park in 1989 called Disney-MGM Studios (known today as Disney's Hollywood Studios).

Have a magical day!