Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 116: My Disney Collection V1

I've been wanting to do a series of these posts for a while, but I'm only just getting around to it I guess. I had to take a bunch of pictures, of course, and then edit them and so on and so forth, and that took a while, so I'm only just getting to it now. That's ok though, I'm sure this will stretch out for a while...but I'll break them up so it's not all at once.

This is, in fact, a blog about how Disney affects my everyday life, and it seems silly for me not to include something that really is one of the greatest Disney things I see each and every Disney collection & bedroom. Yes, I have a Disney themed bedroom, and there's plenty to see, so let's get started.

I actually live in the guest room of our house, but it really is my bedroom now. Since my entire family is kind of obsessed with Disney, it's originally themed to Mickey...and still is, with my additions of Star Wars and plenty of Disney Parks Merchandise. As you can see, I've got a bed (who doesn't?), a desk, TV (with plenty of movies down below), multiple shelves, two bookshelves, a chair, closet and bathroom.

But for today's volume of my Disney collection, we'll take a look at what's on my walls...along with a couple of things that aren't. I have a pretty wide selection of things on my walls, but I have three things that aren't on my walls at all...but really still fit into this category. If you've been reading for a few months, you'd know that back at the Toy Show, I got three small Star Wars posters, and they now have a home on top of one of my bookshelves. They fit pretty nicely...honestly, I feel like that spot was made for them. 

Right above those three posters is my collection of prints by Larry Dotson. My parents got me my first one (the smaller Spaceship Earth in the middle), a number of years ago, and I've been collecting them ever since. I have one signed by him, when I accidentally met him at the Art of Disney store in Epcot (the Cinderella Castle), and my most recent purchase is the Illuminations Epcot one on the far right. Hopefully I'll be getting one from the Studios come July and a Cruise Line addition when my parents head out on the Dream next year.

On either side I have the pictures my parents originally had in the room before I moved into it. They're all Mickey, because in every way it wasn't a Disney room, but a Mickey room. My personal favorite is the one on the far left, with the history of the Mickey's from Steamboat Willie up to the 90's, which says "today." Sadly it's getting outdated, but I'm kind of afraid of what Mickey would wear if it was really today. I have one more picture on the other side of the room, a poster from "The Band Concert," but I apparently forgot to take a picture of it. 

Apart from the smaller Star Wars posters, the most recent addition (and reason that all of these pictures look so nice and organized on my walls) is my Empire Strikes Back poster. One of my friends gave it to me for Christmas this past year, and honestly I'm very happy with it. It took a while to find a frame big enough, but now it's nice to be able to see Han Solo every waking moment I spend in my room.

And finally, the stuff that is literally ON the wallpaper featuring Mickey Mouse!!!

So there you have it, the first addition to "My Disney Collection." Next time we'll look into my bookshelves, and after that, to the Spaceship Earth collection and more!

Here's today's Disney History: 1916: Actor & Voice artist Vic Perrin - one time narrator of Epcot's Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy - is born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. (My mind was honestly blown by this. The fact that one of the narrators of SSE was born in Wisconsin is just amazing!)

Have a magical day!