Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 98: Love Triangles

I'm not exactly how this really relates to Disney yet, but it does to a point...and it's something I've been thinking about over the past few days.

I recently reread the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and read for the first time the sequel, Pandemonium, in preparation for reading the third book, Requiem. I refuse to say anything about the book, as my best friend did such a great job keeping the ending a secret for me (although personally I feel it wasn't hard to guess), but I will say I haven't read the third one yet, so I have no clue what happens.

But the series did bring up a triangles. It seems to me that in writing, and especially some of the best stories, you can't live with triangles, but you can't live without them either...putting everything in an interesting position. And so I started thinking about love triangles...and I realized that in pretty much every love triangle of all's the second two that fall in love. It's hard to explain this way, so here's a few examples:

Leia, Luke & Han: 


Probably my favorite love triangle of all time, and quite related to Disney now that they own Lucasfilm and everything Star Wars...this one is a little messed up, but it still has the point in it. Luke and Leia meet first, and spend a good amount of time on the Death Star together. At the end of the first film it isn't really obvious who she's going to end up with...but Luke seems like a definite possibility. But then Han comes in...the second one, and he's the one that ends up falling in Love with Leia.

Granted...Luke and Leia would have never worked out. As this flow-chart accurately mentions...the only romance between those two was some inappropriate kissing. Either way, still don't get it? Here's another example...

Katniss, Gale & Peeta: 

In another brilliant case of the "love triangle" we have these three, the stars of the Hunger Games trilogy. While I am, in every way, a fan of Peeta, I have many friends who are team Gale, which is quite interesting around here when most of us list this as one of our favorite series. But it's another example of how this love triangle always works out the same way...

Katniss and Gale are friends for a long time, and then Peeta shows up and she falls in love with him. The end. Sounds a bit like Han and Leia, huh? How the second one is the one to end up with the girl (or guy in some cases).

Pocahontas, John Smith & John Rolfe:

Yes, here's a Disney example...and I know that in the true story she ends up with John Rolfe...but it's still worth mentioning. He's the second guy, and he ends up with the girl...get it now?

Admit it, you wanted her to end up with John Smith.

I could probably come up with multiple other examples of how this works...but I figure three gets the point across. Every single time there's a love triangle, the last two to meet end up together. It's just how these things work. Whether Delirium will change that I have no idea...but I'll soon find out. Granted, I can't tell you if it breaks the habit, but I know I'll be pretty happy if it does. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1974: Walt Disney World's Treasure Island (later to be called Discovery Island) opens to the public. Located on Bay Lake behind the Contemporary Hotel, the 11.5-acre island features wildlife (such as birds, reptiles, and mammals). A beached hull of a sailing ship on the island's southwest shot and a light pirate theme (complete with Cast Members in costume) set the stage for this "tropical island paradise." 

Have a magical day!