Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 1310: I'll Be Back

I always find leaving Disney World to be sort of ridiculous...in more ways than one. For starters, it's ridiculous, honestly, that I get so upset walking out of a park I've been to probably over a hundred times (we're talking about Epcot here people), and I know for a fact that I'll walk there hundreds times more. It's ridiculous because, as I left Epcot, I was thinking about Fastpasses for our next trip, reservations which I could make only hours after returning home. It's ridiculous because this isn't like walking out of my house for the last time, or leaving yet another dorm room or apartment behind as I move somewhere else. This is a Disney Park, filled with thousands of people, heated to the brim in the scorching Florida sun, and ever changing, whether we like it or not. 

And yet, from the second I take a step beyond the main entrance gates, or any gates for that same matter, a certain somberness takes over. It doesn't matter if I'm unsure when I'll be back or if I know I have another trip scheduled in two months, it's always the same. While I'm better at not crying when I leave these days, it doesn't mean I don't want to, and after this trip I spent the majority of the ride to the airport wondering why this happens...and how in the world we get it to stop. 

I'm fairly certain that we'll never stop missing Disney when we're hundreds of miles away. Gosh, even those who live nearby probably get to missing the parks from time to time, and when the only solution is to go back, we're sort of out of options other than to start planning another trip and not-so-patiently count down the days that pass by much too slowly. 

It's also ridiculous though because, really, why are we leaving Disney in the first place? No one can live there permanently, obviously, but it's that exact reason that I'm pretty sure there's no where else in the world I'd want to work. That feeling, of never wanting to leave and not feeling at home anywhere else, is the exact reason I know there's only one place I can spend the rest of my life working...even if, technically, I'll still have to leave Epcot at the end of the day. 

But if anyone figures out a way for me to live at Epcot, let me know. 

Have a magical day!