Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 1323: A Year Already

The last year has gone by so quickly that I hardly realize that it's already been a year since I was at the Happiest Place on Earth...and yet I tweet about missing Disneyland every few weeks. 

I sometimes forget that I've actually visited Disneyland twice in my life, probably because regardless of how many times I'm there, I don't think it'll ever be enough. I've blogged time and time again about how much I love Walt Disney World, and I absolutely do, but there's something so different about Disneyland, and even with three trips to Walt Disney World in this year and one more to go, it's just not the same as heading out to California. 

What it is exactly that makes Disneyland so special is hard to pinpoint. The easy answer is that it's the original park - it's Walt's park - but that doesn't even completely describe it in my opinion. Disneyland is, in every way, just different from the parks in Florida and anywhere else in the world. Maybe it's the sense of community you feel there, and the closeness to the city around you. Disneyland feels more like a community, with locals visiting and everyone so welcoming, even to out of towners. The attractions there just feel right, and don't even get me started on how precious California Adventure is, especially now that's it's found new life. 

The foods are different, the atmosphere is different, the attractions are different (at least most of the time), the layout is different, the charm is different, and the list goes on. Pretty much everything is different. And yet, it gives the same feeling of home that I've come to know and love about Walt Disney World. My trips to Walt Disney World may amount to 15 times more than those to Disneyland, but regardless of which coast I'm on, it just feels right being there. 

So yes, I'm absolutely missing Disneyland now, even as I continue to prepare for my next trip to Florida. I miss everything about Disneyland, and I can't wait to go back someday. But for now, I suppose I'll have to relive my memories of the west coast by watching old vlogs: 

Have a magical day!