Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 1279: The BFG

I read a lot of books as a child, and I definitely remember "The BFG" being one of them, although when trying to remember anything about the story, all I could remember was that BFG stands for "Big Friendly Giant." Apparently I'm one of the only people I know that remembers "The BFG," though, which is a good part of the reason I'm sure that, while a good movie, The BFG won't be entirely successful in the box office. 

The best way i think I can describe this movie is that it reminds me of last year's Tomorrowland. For those that remember the book from their childhood, the story will light up on the screen. Even if you don't necessarily remember the entire plot, the images in the book seem like they belong in front of you, and with the humor that's written in throughout the plot, it'll make anyone laugh. However, I don't believe everyone will get this movie, the same way many set aside Tomorrowland when they may not have understood some of the smaller references that made it more impressive to those who did. 

The other problem, unfortunately, is that those who may not remember reading "The BFG" in their childhood may also lack the memory of Steven Spielberg, who used to draw many to the theaters after successful films such as Indiana Jones, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Jaws, and even the wonderful music by John Williams won't be enough to draw in crowds that will otherwise be heading out to see Finding Dory

Overall, I liked the film. It starts off a bit slow, but it's one of the rare chances we have to see Spielberg's more whimsical side, one that we saw years ago. It reminded me of my childhood, that's for sure, and it also really hit home in regards to dreaming and following our dreams. Plus, you can't beat the hilarious scenes that take place in the presence of the Queen of England or the touching moments between Sophie and BFG. The animation was beautiful, perfect for a film like this - life-like, but with a bit of fancifulness, and I must give credit to Ruby Barnhill, who plays Sophie. She does an astonishing job for spending most of a film without an actor directly opposite her, and it doesn't seem to phase her at all. 

I really do recommend seeing The BFG if you have a chance this holiday weekend, even if you don't remember the original book by Roald Dahl. It's a nice reprieve from our fast paced world and perfect for kids as well! 

Have a magical day!