Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 1281: Ameriworks

Another Fourth of July has come upon us, and this time, we've been working in between celebrating. In between working on blog posts and preparing for my upcoming trip to Colorado, I did find time to do a couple of classic Fourth of July activities. 

First, I just had to watch the concert live from Washington D.C. and I wasn't let down at all. After all, with Chris Jackson, Hamilton's George Washington, plus the fantastic 1812 Overture, why wouldn't I watch? Plus, it's almost like Jackson's song was meant for us Disney fans: 

And then, as I usually do on Holidays, I made sure to watch the live stream of the fireworks from Magic Kingdom, because if you can't be there, at least you can watch it on your computer. It was just like I remembered it from five years ago when I was there myself, and while I definitely still sat there longing to actually be in Florida, it helped a little bit. 

So Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope it's a magical day!