Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 1289: Sympathetic Vibrations

I think it's safe to say that with the number of times my family has been on The Haunted Mansion, we've collected quite the number of ghosts over the years. Of course, I'm referring to the line at the end of the attraction, when your ghost host relates the information that a "ghost will follow you home, hahahahahaha," but it turns out that The Haunted Mansion isn't the only "haunted" location I'd be visiting this year. 

Colorado seems to be a jackpot if you're looking for ghosts. It seemed like every town we stopped in, most of which were small and barely inhabited, was known nationally for the ghosts that call it home. One such town is the little community of Victor, Colorado, a still active gold mining town just outside Cripple Creek. Cripple Creek is known for its gambling, but Victor isn't know for much...aside from it's Nationally Registered Historic Hotel, the Victor Hotel. Creative name, right? 

The building, historically, has been everything from a hospital to a bank to storage for dead bodies, and aside from the elevator shaft in the middle of the building, it burned down entirely in a fire years ago. They rebuilt the hotel from there, and continued to use it for various purposes, until it officially became a haunted hotel. 

One of the most apparent and famous ghosts lives in the elevator: a man named Eddie. There's two versions of his story, but they both involve a fall down the elevator shaft from the third floor. In one story, it's said that he was waiting on the third floor for the bird cage elevator, but when the doors opened, the elevator wasn't there. This story seems fishy to me, simply because, well, wouldn't you notice if the elevator wasn't there? The other story seems much more believable, with Eddie being pushed into the elevator shaft. I don't know who pushed him, but either way, poor Eddie. 

Now, if you're like the rest of my family, you probably think this whole thing is ridiculous, but I do in fact believe in ghosts. Say what you will, but regardless of whether they actually exist or not, if I were a ghost, I'd want someone to believe in me too. Plus, this was on the wall by the elevator: 

Overall, the Victor Hotel was certainly the most interesting place we stayed on the trip. The fourth floor, where our room was, is also said to be haunted, as that's where they would store the dead bodies during the winter months when it was too cold to bury the bodies because the ground was frozen. I definitely didn't sleep well that night, and I swear I heard footsteps, but maybe that's just because I was giving sympathetic vibrations? 

Have a magical day!