Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 1284: Lost

I can tell you from experience, sadly, that there's nothing worse than having your computer crash. It's happened to me multiple times, and so I stopped putting all of my documents, videos, and pictures on the hard drive of my computer, and started putting them on external drives instead. It allows me to carry it all with me without running the risk of my computer destroying things. 

However, when those hard drives fail too you don't have much of an option anymore. Last week my black hard drive, which was essentially my entire computer for the last year and a half, began to crash. Unworried because of a backup drive, I set it aside to deal with after I return from Colorado and didn't think much else of it. And then I was searching deep through the pictures from Disneyland to find a picture for a friend's birthday when I realized that something was wrong. Something was really wrong. 

The video from Disneyland wasn't there. 

Frantic, I searched my old computer and the rest of the hard drive, hoping that I'd just accidentally moved it somewhere. I hadn't. I called my mom, hoping that maybe I'd given her a copy of the videos, but again, nothing, and then, there, on my desk, sat the black hard drive. For some reason, when I did the data transfer to backup that hard drive onto the new one, it hadn't transferred everything from Disneyland, including the hours and hours of video I'd recorded. I need that video, and I wasn't about to let it soar away. 

So now my hard drive is at the repair shop where they're hopefully performing a data transfer to get me my Disneyland files back. It's an intense process, and honestly I'm sort of glad I'll be going to Colorado and won't have to think much about it until I get back. So let's all cross our fingers and hope that the hard drive survives and everything makes it back! 

Have a magical day!