Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 1283: Disney Cave

Since I spend most of my days writing this summer, I tend to migrate around my apartment. I try to leave the bedroom for sleeping, but that doesn't mean I'm without options. Actually, I have four great spots to do my work right in my apartment, and each has it's own bit of Disney associated with it! 

First, there's my desk, which you've already been introduced to and is pretty self explanatory. I love to sit here when I really need to get things done, but otherwise I'll usually be somewhere else. Most of the time I end up sitting on our couch, which is really pretty comfortable. Plus, the coffee table right in front of it gives me plenty of space to spread out if I need to! 

Then there's the other, less common options of the kitchen counter and balcony. The counter is a part of the kitchen, and honestly is usually piled with dishes, especially if I've been baking. It is where I sat for pretty much the entire first two weeks of living here though. The balcony reminds me a bit of Old Key West, and as I continue to watch the various old videos, I've come to find that I apparently really liked the idea of sitting and eating outside as a kid. That balcony seemed awesome to a young Lizzie. 

Outside of the apartment, I'll head to the library on our campus a lot, which is where I sit to upload videos. There's also a local coffee shop called Luna that I frequent these days, and because it's only a couple blocks from my apartment, it's not hard to walk there. And then, as always, there's the music lobby, which I haven't been to much this summer. That'll have to change! 

Have a magical day!