Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 1285: Frantic

I've been all over the country on a bus with my high school band, so I like to think that I've gotten pretty good at road trips. However, nothing could really prepare me for the challenges and excitement that would go into preparing for an actual road trip with my own car and best friend. Our first band trip was six years ago, and we just happened to go out to Colorado, just like we were this summer. 

It's roughly a 16 hour drive from our home to Denver, and from there we'd drive hours on end across Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. However, leaving for ten days doesn't come without responsibilities to prepare before hand. Alongside preparing the car for thousands of miles of travel, contacting the bank to alert them I'll be traveling, and packing my own suitcase, we had to find someone to care for our plants at our apartment and our cats back home. Plus, with another trip so soon after Colorado, I wanted to make sure Everyday Disney was caught up at least until this point. 

Basically, before this Road Trip to Colorado I spent a good couple of days running around frantically to make sure everything was done. In reality, we've been planning this trip for months, ever since we found out that we would actually be joining my parents and brother in Colorado. It meant a lot of research, and then a lot of thought about what we might like to experience on our trip. We had to pick and choose to make sure we had enough time to see the sights on the top of our list. 

Long story short, these days before driving were insane...and I'm not really looking forward to repeating them before I leave for Florida. 

Have a magical day!