Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 732: The Ups and Downs

I have returned!

Yes, I realize that I'm currently writing this on January 11 and haven't blogged for the last ten days, but this was a scheduled leave, as my family, along with two of my best friends, head to Walt Disney World for another trip, and what a great way to start 2015!

And so, just as I did with my trip last June, I didn't blog during the trip and instead decided to choose on big topic for each day I was gone, writing them all after I returned (which obviously I have). In other words, for the next few days I've got a variety of things to talk about, all having to do with the trip I just returned from!

Today's topic? Planes.

It actually surprises me a little bit that I've never actually discussed this one, considering the fact that I've been on more airplanes than I can even count at this point (with 26 trips it gets a bit confusing). My family has traveled a lot throughout my life, sometimes by car and sometimes by plane, but for my two friends, the plane ride was a whole new adventure.

While there were things better and things worse throughout both flights, I think overall they're alright with planes, although really I can't say much about how they feel since I, obviously, am not them. On my own part, however, I really don't like flying. It's not as much about being afraid of flying, as I know I'm safe and have no fear of dying in a firey crash (ask me again after I watch LOST), but more because I just hate waiting to get on.

I'm a relatively patient person, except for when it comes to Disney Trips and Once Upon A Time. I generally am not a huge fan of waiting in lines at Disney, and no one likes waiting for the hiatus to end, but aside from that I am fairly patient, or at least I'd like to think. But waiting to get on an airplane? There's nothing I hate more than that.

I had a bad experience many years ago that really made me hate planes, and along with my regular motion sickness problems, sitting on a plane for two hours each way just isn't really my cup of tea. Oh how I don't look forward to the four hour plane ride that will take place when I head to California this summer.

Thankfully, over time I've come to be alright with flying in general. I have a system down, and I mastered security a long time ago, so I'm to the point now where I could probably do most of it in my sleep (and I do sleep...on the plane). I have to be honest though, lately, one of my motivators for being ok with flying is Jennifer Morrison, who I believe faced a total of around 70 flights during the filming of Season 3 of Once Upon A Time, and I know from a few of her tweets that she's not a real fan of flying either. So I figure that if she can make it through that many flights in such a short period of time, I can handle two within a week and a half.

More Disney to come over the next few blog posts!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 11 due to the Disney Trip!)