Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 751: 1985

Of all the things that I enjoy, one of my favorites is to go through old Disney memorabilia with my Dad. You've heard about this before I'm sure, about how I'll spend hours staring at the old ticket books and listening to Dad tell me about the parks "back in the day," so the other night when I was down in the basement working on our new door decs, Dad was cleaning and brought me a wealth of new Disney stuff he'd found in a box or something. 

He apparently went to WDW in 1985, so not too long after Epcot opened, and this made me pretty darn excited. Walt Disney World is pretty different than what it was in 1985, so getting to look back and find all the different changes is pretty entertaining. And when I say he brought me a wealth of new stuff, I really mean a whole big pile. I scanned a few of the pieces to share here too! 

It's funny to think that the Entertainment Schedule for Epcot was a full 8 and a half by 11 sheet of paper, double sided, back in 1985. Now it's like a third of a sheet, double sided. Either that means they've downsized on performances or they've just figured out how to be more efficient. A little of both I believe. 

Dad also found his park maps from the trip, which it's one of those things where I would see them on the internet and wish that I had these old things. Now I do, I guess. 

Here we have a little other handout and you really wouldn't believe the number of brochures he has from this trip. They must of had at least 10 different ones. And there was only two parks! 

Dad also had a Magic Kingdom map, which looks pretty old school when thinking about it in this day and age. Just look at that thing! And as if that's not already enough, look at the pictures of the guests on the right! 

 In the giant pile of everything Dad found, he also came up with a Birnbaum Guide from his 1985 trip. I have the current 2015 version in my desk drawer, so we've got 30 years of difference here!

Here we have an old Walt Disney World Newspaper. This was actually the first thing my Dad brought out, but I had literally no idea this used to be a thing. Why isn't this a thing anymore? Ok, I know why this isn't a thing anymore, but it just feels so small town and homey and awesome. I want a Newspaper! 

And finally, this was part of yet another guidebook, although I believe this one was mostly centered around Magic Kingdom. Either way, I laughed a little about the "Tips for better Walt Disney World movies." I know how that feels little 1985 brochure, I know how that feels. 

Of course, there's a bunch of other stuff that I'm not sharing. There are a few pamphlets from the World of Motion, as well as all of the stuff on the inside of each of some of the things I just shared, but even I haven't had time to go through all of it. If I find something else that's really interesting I'll be sure to share though! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 24 due to a busy schedule).