Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 761: One Month Down

We're already a month into 2015, how crazy is that?!? And with one month down, that means that I've also finished the first month of the #EverydayDisneyChallenge over on Instagram!

You may have noticed the new design, complete with a feature that links directly to my Instagram account, sharing my latest photos right here on my blog. Of course, you can always manually access my Instagram as well by finding me on your phone or clicking the handy link on the side of the page (@epcotexpert). This year's resolution was a Disney picture a day, and things have been going pretty well, as you can see in this post here!

This next month is Magic Kingdom month, and that means that there'll be plenty more magic and excitement to come! I'm especially excited because I finally had a chance to go through pictures from this last trip and boy, are there some great ones yet to come in months ahead! 

Remember, you're more than welcome to join me on my Everyday Disney Challenge via Instagram or even Twitter or Facebook! 

Have a magical day!