Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 745: Smackdown

Somewhere along the line, Yahoo has figured out that I read pretty much all the Disney articles, so my Yahoo Newsfeed is basically filled with things about amusement parks and Disney movies and the occasional article about Once Upon A Time. Today, as I turned on my computer to start working for the day, I scrolled through those articles and came across one that was about a smackdown between Walt Disney World and Disneyland and trying to decide which is better. You can read the whole article HERE, which I suggest doing before coming back to read my own blog post!

Everything the article says is pretty true. There are so many great things at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and there are a number of things at each that you won't find at the other. For instance, I cry a little bit each trip now because of the lack of the Indiana Jones adventure at Disney World, which I experienced and loved the first time I headed to Disneyland in 2011, but at Disneyland, I'm missing my favorite attraction and park, Spaceship Earth and Epcot.

So the true statement here is that they're different. Disney World is bigger...much bigger, but Disneyland feels more like a little community filled with people that all know and love one another. At Disney World, there's more than you can see and do in a lifetime, but Disneyland gives you the opportunity to experience everything Walt Disney himself planned for his Disneyland and more.

Which leaves us a giant question: Which is better?

After deciding to actually write today's blog post on this topic, I went back and clicked Walt Disney World as the winner, simply to see what the ratio of votes was and, not surprisingly, WDW had won by a landslide (it was somewhere around 60 something to 30 something when I clicked vote a few minutes ago).

But I disagree. Not because I think Disneyland is better, but because I firmly believe neither one is better than the other. I love both Disney World and Disneyland for different reasons. Walt Disney World is my home, the place I've grown up at, and it holds so many wonderful memories. There are great attractions, tons of resorts, and there's more space to explore than I think even Walt himself could have imagined. Disneyland, however, is a home to many of my friends I've made within the Disney fandom. It's quiet and home like and, just like WDW, filled with great attractions and experiences. I love that you can walk everywhere and don't need a car, and that you can spend a week there even just in two parks and a Downtown Disney district. Oh, and don't even get me started on how beautiful all three hotels are.

Plus, I feel like, ultimately, the favorite depends on which you visited first. The majority of people that I've met that prefer Disneyland visited California before Florida, and those of us that started at Disney World seem to prefer that over the smaller, original version sitting in Anaheim. But that, my friends, is not an accurate description of which is better.

After all, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to really choose just one over the other, if for no other reason than the fact that they're both better than anything else in the world.

Have a magical day!