Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 753: The Return

This was the blog post where I was going to share our new and beautiful Door Decorations with you, especially since they're once again Disney themed, but sadly one of them is missing, strangely, from the door. So until I make a new one, we'll have to put that discussion on hold.

I am, however, back at college, and I'm certainly almost ready for another semester. Almost is a term is currently use lightly, by the way. After a month and a half of basically sitting at my kitchen counter or a table in the SNC library (save for those wonderful days at Disney), I've gotten pretty far behind in, well, pretty much everything else. That means my blog, that means reading, that means organizing myself for school, everything.

But I'm back, and that will at least help. Organizing myself, having my daily tea, seeing my roommates, sitting and working at my desk and getting myself back onto a real, normal sleeping schedule is all definitely going to help.

And once my life IS back on schedule, it'll mean time to edit vlogs and actually update this blog daily and, amongst saving money for Disneyland this summer, find a few new Disney pieces here and there (Tsum Tsum here I come!)

Since this really is quite the boring blog post thanks to the missing door dec, I will mention something that DOES have to do with Disney, especially when it comes to my new semester. I'm an English major, but thanks to a really busy schedule all the time, I rarely have much time to read for fun. I barely have time to read for class. Or rather, once I finish all the rest of my work I really don't have the urge to read anything else. But this semester I'm going to try and change this, and let's call it a "New Semester Resolution." I figure I want to read at least one book a month for fun. That keeps the pressure off, especially on days that I'm really busy, but is still realistic considering my workload. Of course, I could always read more than that, but we'll just start there and see how far I get.

So, for my first book, I'm rereading Tom Sawyer. I read it back in High School a couple of times, but haven't read it in over 4 years. Because I'm scheduled to read Huck Finn for class, I figure that now's a great time to go back and reread Tom Sawyer, which I remember really enjoying the first time because of the Disney connection. After all, we get to play around on his island in all the caves and, at one point, you used to be able to eat at Aunt Polly's.

I must say that, while I'm not super far into my reread, my favorite scene has always been the whitewashing of the fence, where Tom tricks all the other boys into painting for him. It's just so darn entertaining!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 26 due to a busy schedule).