Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 754: Little Things: College Edition

I've done posts under the idea of "Little Things" before, but now just felt like the right time to do another volume of it, especially since there have been multiple little things in my life that have reminded me of Disney over the past couple of days since returning to SNC! And after all...

Pine Trees

We all know and love the orange scent that's pumped into Soarin', but I feel like sometimes we forget about the wonderful Pine Tree that's also part of that attraction. When I returned to SNC, I was the first one back in the dorm room, meaning that everything was pulled away from the heaters, a vacuum was sitting in the middle of the floor, and everything was unplugged. In the midst of plugging everything back in, I happened to find our wallflower airfreshener that had been unplugged before we left. Of course, after a while you don't really notice the smell anymore, but there was a significant amount left in the thing, so I just plugged it back in. I knew exactly what scent it was, but when the pine tree wafted into my back room a few minutes later, I could only think of one thing: Soarin'.


He's got a new look for a new semester! That's right, Melvin has changed out of his holiday attire and travel clothes in favor of an Up inspired outfit, complete with bow tie and balloons. Originally he was going to have glasses too, but it just wasn't working out well, and he looks adorable enough with his current outfit.


"Shovell sure brought life to this home!"

And that's what I said the other day, which immediately reminded me of one Carousel of Progress. After all, "Thomas Edison sure brought life to this home!" You see, my wonderful best friend, for her birthday, got a Keurig, which she brought back to SNC. It provides us with endless entertainment, hot water, tea, and coffee, so it's definitely the new life of this dorm room.

I have this distinct feeling that there was something else that should be going on this post, but I guess it'll just end up on the next one now. Unless I'm thinking of my SNC-Caf made Butterfinger Cupcake. That's entirely possible. Those cupcakes are amazing.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 27 due to a busy schedule).