Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 755: Goodbye Galavant

With the end of one thing comes the beginning of another, or at least the premiere of another.

I blogged at the beginning of Galavant, and so here I am blogging at the end of Galavant, although I certainly hope this isn't the end of the show. That cliffhanger is not one I am ok with, and I definitely need a season two because this will be ridiculous otherwise. I won't give any spoilers about what happens, but let's talk for a second about why Galavant should have a second season!

I absolutely loved the show, even if taking time off of working on other stuff made it kind of difficult for me to enjoy at times. However, the characters were definitely lovable, the music was spectacular and it was absolutely everything I could have expected and more. Plus, I don't know about you guys, but the cast is wonderful as well, 100% interactive with their fans (Karen David actually follows me on Twitter and Instagram, along with many of her other hardcore fans from the show!), and that's something I can appreciate.

In the end, the prospects of a season two are probably relatively low. While they really do need something to fill that OUAT time slot in the weeks of the hiatus where other shows are on and roaring to go, something tells me Galavant will be another show that's cut, despite the fact that they have a fair sized fanbase already built up. It sort of saddens me to see another show as brilliant and creative as this one canceled while The Bachelor and other reality shows continue to rule the world. Not that I really can complain because I'm pretty lucky. My favorite television show rocks Sunday Nights pretty much every week, and while the fanbase is absolutely ridiculous 99% of the time, they are dedicated. I'll give them that.

Which brings me to the second topic of the night, and yes, it most certainly includes Once Upon A Time. Colin O'Donoghue fans have been waiting since late December for a very special music video from Christina Perri. She is an avid fan of OUAT and a "Hooker" herself, so when the opportunity for Colin to star in her music video for "The Words," she jumped on the chance and we got the following video!

Let's be real here. This music video is basically perfection, especially in a world filled with music videos about drinking and partying. This is extremely well done, and I'm not just saying that because we got some new footage of Colin that we never, ever thought we would get. I won't even lie...I was on the floor the first time I watched this, right in the middle of Galavant because it premiered at the same time as the Galavant finale. Oh, and here's a fun fact! The house that Colin lives in in the music video is indeed the same house that Zelena lives in during Season 3 of Once Upon A Time. It's a great little easter egg even if the majority of us were a bit distracted by the Irish guy throughout the entire video. 

So thank to Christina Perri, fellow fangirl, for providing us not only with a spectacular song and music video, but more Colin O'Donoghue to hold us over until March 1! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 28 due to a busy schedule).