Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 613: Alcohol Edu

When you go to college, pretty much everything in life changes. I don't know about where you grew up or where you went to school, but when you get to college, the amount of drinking for your fellow students multiples tenfold. Of course, I don't drink (and don't plan on doing so), for very good reason. I mean, I just don't see the point in going out to party when I can sit here on my futon wrapped in a blanket while I watch Agents of SHIELD with my roommate.

However, just because I don't drink doesn't mean that others don't on campus, and while I definitely won't be getting into that, I do want to take a moment to comment on something many colleges do for their freshman now in hopes that it will encourage them to drink responsibly. It's called Alcohol Edu and is a program that, while it takes a while, you must complete at the beginning of your freshman year. It talks about alcohol and drugs and safety when such things are around, and so on and so forth.

What my friends and I didn't expect, on the other hand, was for Disney to come into play here. Yeah, on Alochol Edu of all places. Alright, so one of them is an actual thing that relates back to Disney and the other is just something I really, really wanted to put into the post-program when I did it, but I believe this deserves a blog post anyway.

My friend Emily, who recently began her freshman year at another college in my state, did the Alcohol Edu course (or something similar at least...that's really just what we call it here), and the situation in one portion of her program literally read this: "Elsa and Anna came to the party together and have been drinking for several hours." Emily commented on Facebook, "I don't remember this happening in Frozen," and I honestly couldn't stop laughing because seriously? Frozen has made it's way into Alcohol Edu programs. I suppose it's memorable and pretty much every teenager right now knows exactly who Anna and Elsa are, but is that even realistic? Then again they do make that comment about chocolate fondue...

Back on my own Alcohol Edu program, there was a post-thing that we also had to do, which basically asked us a couple of months later what we learned and what sorts of activities we had participated in since heading to college. I honestly don't remember the question, but I do remember that I really regret not quoting one Killian Jones: "Rum? Does anybody know what happens to those who drink rum? They get drunk. And drunkenness leads to bad form. And if there is one thing that will not be tolerated at this school, it's bad form."

Gosh I will regret not putting that for the rest of my life, even if I didn't quote it all the way, I should have at least used "bad form" in there somewhere, because that would have been priceless.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 30).