Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 625: Colorized

My friends aren't the only articles I find on the internet that somehow relate back to Disney. In fact, a lot of the articles I end up reading on the internet have little to nothing to do with Disney, at least on the forefront. Because go figure, I have more interests than Disney! However, in many cases, those other articles have little references to Disney or things that bring a Disney moment back into my mind, and it connects everything in the world together for me. It's like the game my friends and I used to play, where they would give me something completely random and have me relate it to Disney (I haven't played that game in so long!)

Today I was going through my Facebook feed, which happens to be filled with random Disney references and things today. There was the article about the Urban Legends, and just last night one of my roommates sent me an article about things you didn't know about Disney (which I'll explore in a different blog post). The article I happened to come across was one with 41 Realistically Colorized Historical Photos.

It's a new trend, with artists bringing color and life to pictures originally taken in black and white. It's funny because it's almost ruining my childhood ideas, since as a kid I was adorable and thought that because the pictures and film were all in black and white that there just wasn't any color back in the day and that no one could see color. I always felt sad for them. Of course, that mindset changed when I grew older and realized that such a thing would be physically impossible unless everyone was completely color blind.

The pictures in the article are absolutely beautiful, and you can see the whole collection HERE, but one in particular stood out to me.

The above photo is "Old Gold," a country store photograph taken in 1939, and if you know Disney like I do, you'll realize quite quickly what it reminds me of. It's none other than a historical attraction at Epcot with a general store that resembles this one quite closely. 

Whether or not the General Store in The American Adventure is based off of this picture, I don't really know, but the resemblance is sort of uncanny. Right down to the door, the people and the window, not to mention the placing of the gas tank. I like to think that maybe it held a part in the creation of the attraction, especially considering everything Disney did to make The American Adventure historically accurate.

I highly suggest that if you didn't go look through the pictures yet, you do. There are some really spectacular photographs there, and it really is a great new way to represent history. Check them all out! 

Have a magical day!