Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 632: Seagulls

I embraced that picture right there yesterday, full force, and here's the story about it:

You all know about Jennifer Morrison's 101 Days of Smiles. She liked one of my pictures not too long ago, of my dorm room, but it turns out that that was just the first time I'd get some attention. I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday and loved it so much that on a whim I decided it was going to be my smile of the day. I posted it and didn't think much else of it until several hours later, when I got a twitter notification only a few minutes into Sight Singing.

Turns out JMo loved this meme as much as I did, and retweeted it...meaning that my phone perpetually went off for the remainder of the day with other retweets and favorites. There's over 100 RT's, and over 300 favorites. That's ridiculous. BUT JENNIFER MORRISON RETWEETED AND FAVORITED MY TWEET.

But get's better. Turns out it made her laugh..and she shared it on her Instagram too. THAT NEVER HAPPENS PEOPLE. IT NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Oh, and I made her want a churro too...although I feel like that's something we all constantly want.

Regardless, yesterday I was for sure happier than a Disney Seagull with a Churro, and it's only day 31 of 101.

Have a magical day!