Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 618: 10 Days of Disney

You guys all know that every other month or so I participate in a brand new Disney Instagram challenge. Of course I post Disney photos in between all of those as much as I can, but for the most part, it forces me to go through the Disney pictures on my computer and include things that I may not generally showcase from the parks. Plus, it tells me that the next time I go I'm going to tell my family to take pictures of absolutely anything and everything (Got that mom?).

So this month I did a shorter challenge, which means I'll probably do another one next month (although there are going to be new, special things coming in January, that's for sure!). For now though, September meant SparklyNicole's 10 Days of Disney!

I loved the short and sweetness of this Photo Challenge, as well as the generalness of the photos and variety of photos. In reality, this challenge really celebrated what each and every one of us loves about Disney in our own unique fashions, and I loved that! There were so many spectacular pictures out there! Plus this is a challenge that you can do at absolutely any time. If you haven't done it yet, it's not too late! You could do it in five months and it would still work! So go for it! Showcase what Disney means to you! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 14).