Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 631: 1450

I literally blog about this all the time, but I really feel it's important to mention it just one more time (although knowing me, this will probably come up again). If you don't know yet that the printing press was invented in 1450, then you obviously haven't been reading my blog for very long, nor have you been on Spaceship Earth. I talked almost a month ago about "Spaceship Timeline," which was basically a blog post on how when I'm sitting in classes I have to think about the year and whether or not the printing press had been invented yet. But this is getting kind of crazy, and this goes perfectly with the hot topic of #SaveMalestrom.

When I first began Everyday Disney 630 some days ago (gosh), I was grateful for the schedule I had at the time. Because I had two study halls each morning (senior release technically, but I spent them in the Business lab with the wonderful Mrs. Grassel), I had plenty of time on my hands to go through Disney news in addition to catching up on any homework or doing work for FBLA or band. I loved those two hours, and honestly I think it was a combination of that time and this blog that really refueled my love for Disney. That being said, I can't be more thankful for that time.

But at SNC, time is a little off. Classes don't meet everyday, meaning my schedule for every day of the week is completely different from the one before it, and while I have general routines (like eating lunch with Jessica and/or Allie at 11 everyday except Wednesday, or watching OUAT on Sunday nights in our dorm room), it's difficult to find a solid time to sit and go through blogs as I used to. Honestly, it's difficult to find a concrete time to sit down and write blog posts much less do anything else. Of course, I manage somehow, mostly with a perpetual post-it note on my to-do list that says "5 Blog Posts: - Today's - 4 Others (makeups)," constantly reminding me that I have a blog to work on.

Anyway, back to the point. This morning I had the chance to go through some of those blogs, heading all the way back into last week to try and catch up on some of the things I missed, and you can bet that since the announcement about Malestrom, it's a hot topic among the Disney bloggers. Of course, I've talked about it myself, but I want to address one issue I didn't really discuss previous to this post concerning the Frozen take-over.

There's a lot of reasons as to why Malestrom is leaving, making for the perfect combination of "Attraction-Closing-Ability." Disney is constantly changing, so after a period of time you really begin to understand why things come and go. For Malestrom, it's a popularity contest. Norway has gone without funding for a while, Malestrom needed upkeep, Frozen is insanely popular right now, everyone loves the music and the location will bring more people to Epcot.

I still fully stand by my comment I've made previously, that Frozen does NOT belong in Epcot. A popular "reason" as to why Frozen is COMING to Epcot, however, is the idea that a Princess attraction will increase the interest for children. Sure, Epcot isn't necessarily the most interesting for kids, I'll give it that, but that doesn't mean it isn't for kids. Over the past few years Disney has been, and to use a Disnerd term here, dumbing down the various attractions. Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks was replaced by Soarin'; Test Track was replaced with a different version of Test Track that is honestly great, but doesn't really teach you much about test vehicles as the previous version did; The Living Seas got some new life with Nemo and it's getting better, it really is, but the original Living Seas was still more informative; One word: Dreamfinder; The Wonders of Life pavilion closed completely; Ellen's Energy Adventure...I'll be surprised to see if that lives to see the new Frozen attraction. In general, this trend continues, and that's not even all the attractions in the park.

But obviously Disney has been doing something right all these years without Dumbing things down, right? If I can sit in my classes and use Spaceship Earth as a reference point for history, specifically within my music and English classes, then why in the world do we need Frozen in Malestrom? I would bet you a million dollars I learned more about Norway from the current pavilion that kids will from "Frozen."

We don't need things to be all about the characters and movies and songs. We need Epcot to be the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow that it once was. That's what we want.

Have a magical day!