Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 630: Star S'mores

Do you ever just watch Sesame Street? Cause I do.

Alright, so maybe I don't watch Sesame Street all the time. In fact I really only watch it if one of my favorite actors happens to be guest starring on the show. Like that time earlier this year when Ginnifer Goodwin was on the show and I spent an hour sitting on my kitchen counter when my parents were gone just so I wouldn't miss it (she mentioned was worth it). My lack of watching is either due to the fact that this is indeed a children's show, or the fact that it totally conflicts with my busy college schedule...or maybe I just don't watch because of my dislike of Big Bird (he scares me...don't ask why cause I don't really know). Once in a great while though there's something on Sesame Street that makes it's way to the internet, and this is one of those times.

I haven't had a chance to watch Star Wars in over a year. Yes, that's right. I, Lizzie, have not watched Han Solo in over a year. The last time I can remember watching it was right before I came to college...which would mean August of 2013. Don't worry though, I've watched Indiana Jones several times and am still just as obsessed with Star Wars as usual (GOSH I CAN'T WAIT FOR DECEMBER 2015). This doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a great Star Wars parody though!

Now you can't tell me you didn't laugh at that at all. You must have laughed just a little bit, right? I mean come on: Only One Canoli? Just yes. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 23).