Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 637: Keep Going

There's always so much work to be done at college, especially when you come off of a summer filled with side projects that all require their own individual attention. Then you add on some homework and practicing and classes and the simple need for sleep that a college student faces and everything just gets absolutely crazy.

Which is why it's often difficult for me to continue my Disney Movie Rewatch.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not giving up on the entire challenge. After all, I've gotten further this time than I did the previous two times I attempted it. The first time I made it through so few movies I don't even remember where I stopped, and the second time I distinctly remember ending at Alice in Wonderland. Since I'm over a third of the way done now I figure that stopping would be ridiculous.

So today I watched The Aristocats, which has to be one of my favorites. Not in the top five, but probably in the top ten simply because of the music. I love jazz, as you probably well know, and this movie is completely filled with it. Plus there are kittens, and who doesn't love kittens?

But seriously, there are SO many Animated Disney films, and it's really interesting to see where everything started and head from that to what we see on the screen today. There's a huge difference and it's sort of beautiful to watch the progression, plus it really makes you appreciate the differences between hand drawn animation and digital animation. They're both art forms, both beautiful and both different. And each film has it's own storyline, although I find it amusing how in some of those middle films they use the same voice actors several times over. Such iconic parts, all by the same people.

As I continue on with my rewatch, I encourage you to join me or start your own rewatch of all the Disney films! It really is an interesting project and the great thing is there isn't really a time limit. It's probably best to watch them close together (and I hope to have them all finished by the end of the year), but you can space it out however you want!

Have a magical day!