Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 621: The Cold Always Bothered Me Anyway

I love Frozen...I do. I really, really do. It's a great film and I know every word to every song and watch it probably at least once every other month. Plus it's coming to OUAT, which is reason enough for me to be a bit obsessed with it at the moment. But if there's one thing I want, it's for FROZEN TO GET OUT OF EPCOT.

Malestrom hasn't been super popular in years, and I fear it's gotten even less popular since Fastpass Plus appeared. That doesn't mean that I don't love the attraction though. No, it's not my favorite by any means, but it's as much a part of Epcot as anything else and I just need it to stay the way it is. 

Maybe this means I'm not good with change, and to be 100% honest that's probably pretty darn true, but can't Frozen just stay somewhere else? Like Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom. It doesn't belong in Epcot. I mean, remember back when Anna and Elsa were meeting in Norway and things were crazy? It was absolutely awful and there was a huge line and it just took away from the entire pavilion. 

Or possibly this is stemming off the fact that they're getting rid of the various music groups around World Showcase and replacing them with who knows what. Maybe it's because Magic Kingdom has gone through how many years of renovations and it's always something new and nothing is ever completely done. It could be the extremely short notice of closing, meaning that most of us will never ever ride Malestrom one more time, and I can't be more thankful that I videoed it on a recent trip so I at least have something. 

And maybe, just maybe, it's because Frozen is taking over the world. 

As I said not even a couple of minutes ago, I love Frozen, but I just don't feel like Epcot is the place for it. I'm all for celebrating the places that inspired these films, I really am, and I think it will bring a lot of new interest to Norway, but won't it cause a bottleneck around World Showcase? It's going to bring Epcot attendance up and offer a brand new popular attraction, which is also great, but is also a bit of an issue because there AREN'T a lot of attractions and what happens when the line for a new Frozen attraction has a four hour line and people are disappointed about that? Bad things. That's what. 

In general though, I think it's because Disney really has to step it up for me this time. I was severely disappointed with Ariel when it opened first in Disneyland and then was brought to WDW. It was missing something and focused just a little too much on the songs. I'm terrified the same thing is going to happen to Frozen. Are they going to focus too much on Let It Go and not enough on the relationship between the sisters? That's what this is going to boil down to, if they can pull a new Princess ride off, especially someplace where a Princess Attraction has no place being. 

Are you happy about Malestrom? Ready for more Frozen? Or should they just "Let it go?" 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 14).