Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 611: Making Frozen

Very rarely does a Disney movie become a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, there's not a time in my entire life that I can remember an animated film taking off like Frozen did in the past year. Gosh, it hasn't even BEEN a year and yet they're making a new short, have Frozen On Ice starting, Anna and Elsa are coming to Once Upon A Time and they've basically taken over the parks. And let's not forget the never-ending four hour line to meet Anna and Elsa. This film is big, and last night one improtant question was answered: how did it get that way?

My mom texted me last night asking if I was indeed watching the Making of Frozen special on ABC, and for the past couple of weeks, every time I come home my Dad asks me if I was planning on watching it. OF COURSE I'm watching the Making of Frozen special...there's a sneak peek for Once!

Maybe I need to get my priorities straightened out...or maybe not, but the special itself was absolutely wonderful. Megan had to laugh at me because I was sitting in the back room on the floor in front of the TV, and there was a perfectly good futon right there behind me, as empty as can be. But I was just so excited about all the Frozen, and let's be honest, our carpet is just as comfortable as the futon. I sit on the floor all the time, like when my roommates and I watch Chuck.

Anyway, the Frozen special offered a lot of insight into the film itself and how it was created, which isn't something we see all the time. Animation is a huge project, and a lot of people don't realize the time and careful work that goes into something like Frozen. The two things that really impressed me? The fact that it took nine months to animate the building of the castle during Let It Go and that the composers wrote Let It Go in around two days. That's crazy to me, as a music major, because I spend FOREVER trying to write the simplest piece of music. It takes forever, so to be able to write an Oscar winning song in two days is amazing.

And then there was the promo for Once, which I had pretty much already seen but makes me just as excited as ever for the show to return in just a few weeks (that's crazy since we've been waiting months now)! Plus there's going to be the new Frozen short coming out this next spring, which sounds like it shall be amazing. Because who doesn't want more Frozen in their life?

Then again, pretty sure we're all ready to get Let It Go out of our heads.

Have a magical day!