Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 946: A Whole New Level

After almost 300 days of waiting, the trip I've been looking forward to is almost here. Disneyland.

As if it's not obvious, I've been to Walt Disney World my own fair share, but when it comes to Disneyland, I've got a lot to look forward to. When I went in 2011 I honestly had no idea what to expect, but since that trip I've lived with vivid images and memories of the parks that I can't wait to explore once more. Unlike Disney World, I don't have things down like the back of my hand, but I think that's all part of the charm of a trip to Disneyland, and now I'm more ready than ever to go exploring and see as much of it as I can.

In particular, however, there are a few things I'm VERY excited to go see. Some of them were there when I visited four years ago, and some are new since then, but either way, I guess you could say they're my must see list for this trip!

1. The Matterhorn

If I had Everyday Disney back in 2011, you probably would have been treated to a very long rant about this one. You see, when we decided to go on that trip, I mentioned that the one thing I was most excited for was the Matterhorn. We don't have this mountain at Disney World, and to me I think it feels like the ultimate piece of Disney Parks history, even if I'm not sure why. It's something completely different from anything we have in Florida, so you can imagine how crushed and frustrated I was when it went down for refurb the entire time we were there. This time, however, it's up and running, and I definitely plan on facing it once...or twice...or maybe five times.

2. Mad T Party 

One of my friends (who I'm very excited to see when I head out to Disneyland) has introduced me to the Mad T Party, which I have yet to actually experience but am already completely addicted to. Do I listen to the Mad T Party playlist she made every time I'm driving to and from college? Yes. Do I listen to it when I'm cleaning or making food? Yes. Do I basically listen to it all the time so I know all the words to all the songs when I finally get there? You guess it, the answer is yes.

3. The Grand Californian Hotel

I stayed at the Grand Floridian once, when I was really little, and I don't really remember most of it, so the prospect of staying at the West Coast's fanciest sounds like an excellent plan. On our trip in 2011 we stayed at Paradise Pier, which was basically the greatest thing ever because we ended up getting a park view room on one of the top levels (maybe it was the top level...I don't even remember), which led to me watching World of Color every single night. This trip we're staying for a week of the Californian and then moving back over to a park view room at Paradise Pier for the last few days, and I couldn't be more excited.

4. it's a small world

I'm oddly excited to head back on the Disneyland version of this attraction. Maybe it's because of the differences from the Disney World version that just make this one better? Maybe it's the awesome outdoor loading dock that just sounds super warm and comofortable to me at the moment because I'm freezing? Or maybe it's because I'll have my Tomorrowland pin at the ready? Who really can say?

5. Carsland

This is about what Carsland looked like when we visited in 2011. Walking past it all the time was a real struggle, especially after seeing some of the awesome stuff on display at the D23 EXPO. Thankfully, Carsland was finished not long after we visited, and now I'm more than ready to explore a land made up from one of my all time favorite Pixar movies. I can't even imagine the number of pictures I'm going to take guys.

6. Food

My list of food I want to eat might actually be a mile long. So I've got boxes upon boxes of lactade ready to go, a list of food I for sure want to try and money ready to spend on delicious treats. Like that bacon wrapped asparagus you see up there. I've never really been a fan of asparagus, but my Disneyland friends swear by this one, so I think it's definitely worth my time.

7. World of Color (And all the others)

If you know me, you know I love Illuminations, and in my 20 years of life, nothing has ever come close to topping it on my list of favorite things at Disney (aside from the usual #1, Spaceship Earth, of course)...that is, until I experienced World of Color for the first time in 2011 and absolutely FELL. IN. LOVE. World of Color is one of those things that brought tears to my eyes faster than anything else ever has, other than maybe anything relating to the Disney trip with my high school band. And that would be why I'm planning on seeing it as often as possible. I will find a way. Plus, now Disneyland has a whole slew of awesome nightime entertainment, and having listened to the soundtrack for Paint the Night about 50 million times, I'm 100% ready to see everything.

Now I just need to decide where to stand for Disneyland Forever.

Have a magical day!