Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 972: Finally Tagged

A while back I posted my answers to a giant Disney tag that consisted of Disney Tag questions from all over the internet, but I still hadn't gotten around to actually making one for YouTube. As something I'd been meaning to do for year, or more, probably more, the Disney Tag has always been on my radar, especially when it comes to my YouTube videos. Well, with the prospect of having videos go up even while I was in California, I needed a bunch of topics in a short amount of time, at least much shorter than I normally have, and the Disney Tag seemed like the perfect solution!

This time I returned to some of the original questions, but my goal with this new Disney Tag was to answer things that aren't usually asked. For instance, instead of asking about my favorite Disney movie, I would answer which was my least favorite. Actually, there were a lot of great questions on the list:

1. Which do you prefer: CGI or Hand Drawn Animation?
2. What's your favorite first meeting scene?
3. What character did/do you have a serious crush on?
4. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience?
5. What's your least favorite Disney movie?
6. Name a scene in a Disney movie that always makes you cry.
7. Favorite "Iconic" moment?
8. How did you first discover the magic of Disney?
9. What "Non-Disney" song reminds you of Disney and/or the parks?
10. What's the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
11. When was the first time you went to the Disney Parks?
12. What character would be your best friend?
13. What's the most underrated Disney movie?
14. What's your favorite Disney movie soundtrack?
15. Mention one Disney related thing that can always cheer you up.

You can see what my answers were in the video:

To be honest, it's well into September by the time I'm actually writing this blog post (a trip to California immediately followed by moving into college will really get you behind), so I don't even remember all of my answers, but I'd love to see what your answers might be! Let me know a few (or all) of them in the comments below, make your own video, your own blog post, or something else! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 21 due to a tight schedule).