Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 957: On the Show Floor

If the D23 Expo is one thing, it's HUGE. This one convention houses every form of Disney you can think of, from Star Wars to Princesses to Marvel to Once Upon A Time and everything in between, and so much of it exists on the ever wonderful show floor, open to everyone for exploration when you're not standing in line for one of the many events.

Luckily, I had plenty of time to investigate every corner of the show floor, and I had many, many awesome finds, starting off with the absolute couldn't miss John Lasseter shirt collection! With his custom shirts for every movie from Toy Story all the way up to Inside Out, I definitely had a few favorites, which you can find in my vlog from the Expo, specifically Part 2!

Our next big find was definitely the old Disneyland PeopleMover cars on display. Jonny pretty much freaked out, and I definitely was even elated to have a chance to sit in one of the historic cars! The same can be said for a Skyway Car photo op that I finally got around to on the last day of the Expo! 

One of the most amusing things I happened to find on the show floor was definitely a familiar one! You might remember the entire fiasco surrounding the Epcot Starbucks You Are Here Mug, in which I snagged one of the original series before they were pulled from the shelves in honor of the purple monorail. So within two days I became the owner of a $200-$300 mug and was pretty impressed with myself. This one was on display at the Theme Park Connection Booth and I believe the selling price was indeed $200. I got mine for $30.

The Floor was also filled with AWESOME Photo Ops, including a few of our favorite Disney characters. I may or may not have almost taken the cardboard Flynn Rider home...

If you walked only a little ways onto the Show Floor it wasn't hard to find the real, life-size Pizza Planet truck as well. Sadly I never got around to taking a picture with it myself, but the mere idea that it was there is pretty awesome. I mean come on, it's the Pizza Planet Truck! Who doesn't want to drive that? 

Disney, of course, has many huge show floor displays, including one from Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Studios. One of the biggest films Disney is hyping at the moment is the newest release from the main studio, Zootopia, which I'm absolutely excited about. Part of their promotion was a series of logos and posters for various businesses and films of Zootopia. Here's just a couple of them...

Also one of the main displays, Avatar gave us a first look at some of the spectacular sights and experiences we'll enjoy in Pandora when it finally makes it's appearance at Disney's Animal Kingdom in a couple of years. To be completely honest, before heading into D23, I wasn't particularly thrilled about Avatar, but after these new mock-ups and presentations, I'm eagerly awaiting these new adventures that will take Animal Kingdom to the next level! More on that another day though!

Star Wars, as you can imagine, was also a huge part of the Expo, and on Sunday I had to take the time to go and meet my very favorite droid for the first time ever. Gosh, R2 was just adorable, and how kind of him to take time out of his busy schedule to visit the attendees of D23 for three whole days!

Like I said earlier, Once Upon A Time was definitely a part of the fandoms in attendance too! You can't even imagine how awesome it was to walk around the show floor and see other Oncers and just be like "These are my people." It's a theme that definitely was prevelant throughout the entire trip!

While checking out the last of the show floor with friends, I also stopped by the Target booth, where I got to make my own little animation! It was actually a super exciting experience, enough for me to make mouse ears that took just a few seconds! Plus now I have this awesome GIF! I've never been GIFed before!

And finally, a lot of my time was spent right here, at the Maker Booth! Over the course of the weekend I got to meet many of my favorite Disney YouTubers and had a real chance to visit with some new ones! YouTube has become a huge part of my life over the past summer, so I definitely felt right at home there!

If you head to D23 in the future, be sure to make time for everything the show floor has to offer because let me tell you, this isn't even the half of it! Over the course of three days I got to see so much, including stores, upcoming films, items from the Disney Archives, fellow Disney fans, tons of amazing cosplays and DisneyBounds, and lots and lots of magic! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 7 due to the Disney trip and College Move-In).