Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 952: Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!

My dear friend from high school is on her way to college this fall, and of course she's got herself an awesome new roommate. Well, we all remember what it was like to first start chatting with that new college friend, especially when it comes to making decisions on the dorm room you'll end up sharing. Some people try to match all their stuff, something my freshman roommate and I did mostly on accident. But for them, things are a little different, especially when it comes to the debate between pink and blue.

She told me this morning that they're very similar in many ways except one: the things they're buying for the dorm room. Of course, we each have our own personal space, but as she buys blue sheets and towels, her roommate finds a great pink comforter and pillow set. Of course, there was only one thing I thought of when she told me about this pink and blue debate:

Now, I highly doubt their dorm room will end up a complete mess of pink and blue, and instead it'll look rather awesome as it showcases both of their personalities. That's one of the greatest things about dorm rooms. There's little bits of each of us in a room that's completely blank, despite the fact that you share the space together. 

A quick note before I go: From August 11 to August 20 I'll be headed to California for a Disneyland and D23 EXPO adventure, so Everyday Disney won't be updated until I return (all missed posts will be made up on August 21). However, you can definitely follow my Instagram and Twitter for live updates and all the adventures I'm having! I'll be posting on both daily, and you might just find a periscope in there too! Follow all my social media for the fastest updates and I'll see you all in a week and a half! 

Have a magical day!