Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 950: Alpacas, Balloons, and Burgers

Another Hamburger Fest weekend in little old Seymour means another fantasmic weekend with my roommates! This time, our adventures were a little bit different though. Last year we really showed them the ropes of Burger Fest, but this time around we went into the surrounding area, spent time closer to home, went on a balloon chase and, of course, ate hambrugers and cheese curds.

First, it was off to Megan's aunts house, where Hannah and Ashley were thrilled to finally get to meet the alpacas! While an Alpaca isn't a Llama, it definitely was giving me some Emperor's New Groove vibes, and now, thinking back to this experience, I really want to watch that movie. On the left Ashley has Samuel and on the right Hannah is chilling with Jedediah!

Next up was our Balloon chase. This year seemed to have a record number of hot air balloons, and instead of simply watching them go up like last year, we headed out on a mission to go after a few. So we drove around, watching as many of the balloons went right over our heads, including this awesome Irish inspired Balloon, which sadly didn't return for the balloon glow later on beacuse of a bit of an accident involving a tree. Everyone is alright though! 

Of course, once the balloons finally return to the grounds, it's time for the balloon glow, where, just as the sun finally sets, the balloons light up the night! 

And of course, a Hamburger Fest just wouldn't be complete without a Burger to eat! 

Which brings us to the end of another Burger Fest. For those of you who might not know, I live in a little town in Wisconsin named Seymour, known as the Home of the Hamburger. The dish was first invented here in 1885, and since then we've also claimed the record for the world's largest hamburger ever made. So every year in early August we have a huge festival to celebrate, filled with lots and lots of hamburgers, hot air balloons and plenty of fun! 

Have a magical day!