Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 970: A House for the Town

I can still remember a time when I was freaking about moving into my first college dorm. Having never moved in my entire life, it was a huge step, and the terrifying number of boxes and crates sitting in my dining room prior to move-in day absolutely caused some shock. Granted, the transformation my bedroom at home went through as I moved in this year was none the less terrifying, but at this point I've gotten pretty good at this whole moving thing.

I also remember my debates prior to college about how I was going to bring Disney into my dorm room, and it was something I thought long and hard about. The internet doesn't have much on the subject, but over time I've come to find my own classy collection of Disney memorbelia, knick knacks, and real actual textbooks, and as usual, I snapped a few pictures to give you an idea of where in the world I'm living now and how you might be able to bring a bit of Disney into your dorm or apartment too!

First up is my desk, which you can see is definitely the most condensed area for Disney. However, it's a pretty equal balance between actual Disney stuff, Once Upon A Time, family items and school necessities. You probably recognize a bunch of it from my previous desk setups, but I have to say that I spent a lot more time at this desk than I think I did the last two years. Alright, maybe about the same as last year, but the lack of shelf space definitely threw us all for a loop after having multiple giant shelves last year! 

I did manage to find spaces for a couple little pieces though, including my new Jaq and Gus figurine and the little yellow bug that one of my roommates got for me. It's a little bit of Emma Swan to go with my strange amount of pirate stuff. 

The walls in our room are also covered in Disney, although maybe not as obviously. On the wall above my own bed and next to my desk we have a quote canvas from Peter Pan and attraction posters from the Disney Parks (there's four total, although one is cut off in the picture). Then, on the other side of the room, above Megan's bed, is a new multi-canvas work I put together inspired by Mary Poppins. It certainly brighten things up! 

Of course Cardboard Colin finally got to come with to college, and he now watches over us from a spot right next to my bed. Charming keeps him company on the wall! Meanwhile, on the side of my desk, you can find the awesome Mickey wreath Megan made me for our high school graduation. It's been a key feature in all of my desk setups so far, so a spot where we both could see it felt like the right choice! 

As an English major, an extra bookshelf was absolutely necessary, and I keep my books up with these awesome new Haunted Mansion bookends I got while at Disneyland! Also on the shelf, but not pictured, are a few of my Starbucks You Are Here Mugs and the oil cans from Cars Land! 

Down in our kitchen, because yes we have a kitchen now, we have what I realized could be called our own little Kitchen Kabaret! This setup sits right on top of our stove/oven and keeps things lively in an otherwise pretty boring kitchen. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to bring color and excitement into a room we spend a lot of time in!

Finally, in our basement, you can find our ever popular quote canvas and Christmas light combination! You probably remember this set from our room last year, and after a few repairs, it's officially made it's new home in the basement of our townhouse. Thankfully the lights didn't take as long to put up this year, but I'll let you know if Jennifer Morrison likes them again as a part of #101Smiles!

Finally, also in our basement living area, you can find a couple of the Disney decorative pillows. Of all the things I've bought for my dorm rooms, these have to be one of my favorites. They're the perfect way to add a little bit of Disney without being too obvious!

And that's about it! To give you a general idea of where I live otherwise, I'm in a townhouse I share with five other girls (three of which I lived with last year). We're situated right along the river, which makes for a great view, and our only big downside is super thin walls. Our neighbors tend to get a bit loud, but we're quietly planning an attack that involves Let It Go and it's a small world.

Hopefully, if you're just joining us, this gives you a few ideas of how you might be able to decorate your dorm room or apartment! That's definitely my goal with these yearly posts on my new campus living, because I definitely continue to refine and develop a new style based on where I'm living next!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 18 due to a tight schedule).