Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 947: Videos, Videos, and...More Videos

When I first decided to do weekly Disney inspired videos this summer, I sort of thought I was out of my mind. Granted, I knew I had a whole summers worth of trip vlogs that needed to go live eventually, and without a job I figured it was now or never, but I guess I couldn't have expected how simultaneously easy and difficult such an endeavor would be.

It's time consuming, that's for sure. On average, I'll probably spend at least three hours a week on a video, depending on how easily the idea comes, how long it takes to actually film it, and how many technical issues I run into while editing. This week, however, I've spent a solid two and a half days just working on editing videos, and at this point I'm pretty sick of staring at my computer screen. So of course, here I am, still sitting at my computer, writing a blog post. Regardless, this week was filled with so many videos largely due to the fact that I leave for Disneyland in less than a week and I don't want to have to worry about those new videos while I'm gone. So I'm happy to say that the next two weeks of videos are all up and ready to go. Thank goodness.

But I also don't think I realized the crazy things I would end up doing to film a YouTube video. Like when I ended up putting twigs in my hair for the Disney Hairstyle Video, or many of the things you'll see in upcoming weeks. But since I'll be at Disneyland, here's a quick preview of the videos you'll be able to find on my YouTube channel this month:

This Friday, head over to my channel to see what Disney Fans Do Before Disney. We all love to travel to the parks, and we all have this list of things we must do before actually leaving for a magical trip. These are just a few of those things.

Day 4 of my June trip to Walt Disney World will go live next Tuesday, and this time it's all about the Four Parks, One Day Challenge! Also, if you were around for the Tower of Terror video back in June, you'll remember that video of me screaming. Yeah, the extended edition is in this one!

In honor of my trip to Disneyland, on August 14th I'll share some of my favorite DisneyBounds with you, as well as give you an inside look at two of my OUAT DisneyBounds and Three outfits I have planned for my Disneyland trip!

The concluding day of my June trip to Walt Disney World was a short one, but that doesn't mean it's not filled with Disney magic, in this case, in the form of Epcot! 

And finally, on August 21, check in for my version of The Disney Tag, featuring questions that, unlike those in my Frequently Asked Disney Questions video, you might not get quite as often! 

After this set of videos concludes, don't think things are stopping though! Following the conclusion of my June Vlogs I'll have a blooper video from my January trip and then we head over to Disneyland for a whole new set of vlogs! 

Have a magical day!