Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 962: Remember

Since returning from Disneyland and heading back to college, I've fallen into the routine of listening to Disneyland Forever daily. And I mean daily. In fact, it's what I listen to as I get ready for class every morning, and I have it both timed out perfectly and I know all the words so I can sing along as I do my hair and makeup. I only got to see Disneyland Forever once from in the parks while out in California, but after listening to the lyrics over and over again, I realized that there's one line in particular that really sums up how Disneyland felt for me, one early on in the show, but about halfway through my trip I tweeted while waiting for the second showing of World of Color one night that "In short, this trip to DL & D23 has reminded me of why Disney is so important not only to me, but to all of us. It's emotional. It's magic."

And it's very true. Disney is magic and it's emotion and it's friendship and hope and trust and faith and plenty of pixie dust and everything in between. But sometimes, between writing a blog about Disney and making Disney YouTube videos and planning my next trip, not to mention my real life, I think I personally forget about some of that. I think we all do, and for the first time in a few years, much of what I was able to experience at Disneyland was a reminder of just how important it all is. In only a few days I was able to meet some of my favorite Disney YouTubers, meet one of my friends I've made through Twitter, experience a whole new world, see Radiator Springs, spend pretty much all my money, see what's next for Disney, and most importantly, be myself.

Laura said to me while we were waiting for T that one of the best things about me being there was the fact that we could go off and enjoy Disney together. We both loved it just as much as the other. She took me on the carrousel, something I rarely do in Florida, we saw Mickey and the Magical Map and fangirled over Rapunzel, we watched Soundsational and blew kisses to our favorites, had magical moments with Alice and the Hatter and Crew at Mad T, and rounded out the day watching Paint the Night while laying on the ground on Main Street. For that one day, I was completely myself. When I saw Captain Hook meeting guests as we got off the carrousel, she told me to go and live my dream, and I did. When we were singing and dancing along at Mad T, everyone around us was doing the same.

I never thought I'd say this, but it was actually Let It Go that provided a lot of the Disney side of me to come out. While watching World of Color from the Grand Californian the night I sent that tweet, it occurred to me that Disney fans go through a lot, and when I put two and two together, I realized that Let It Go is for all of us too. It's for the Disney fans that secretly hide just how much they love Cinderella and Snow White because their friends might find them childish. It's for the Disney Geek who can't contain their excitement over the new Star Wars Land coming to Disney Parks, but somehow manages to keep their cool when they read about it during their lunch break on a Tuesday. It's for the Once Upon A Time fan who quickly throws a cardboard cutout of Captain Hook under their bed before someone comes to visit. It's for the ambitious Disney Employees who get side eyes and weird looks when they say they want to work for Disney. It's for all of us, because sometimes we just have to let it go and be our Disney-Loving selves and Step Into the Magic, because as Walt assured us, it's never going to end.

My brother tried to argue with me part way through our trip that Disneyland Forever wasn't as good as Wishes because it didn't have a story, but somehow it was blantantly obvious to me. Disneyland Forever, and the entire Diamond Celebration as a whole, isn't about the characters or wishing upon a star or the creation of the world. It's about coming home. That lyric I mentioned earlier was one I didn't pick up on until about the tenth time I listened to the soundtrack for the show, but now it brings a smile to my face every time. The first lines of Step Into the Magic narrate "It's a world where you belong, where you can dream aloud, your heart will follow," and I don't think there's ever been words so true to what Disney Parks are. We belong there more than we might belong anywhere else, and as Neil Patrick Harris says in World of Color Celebrate! we can't even possibly imagine our lives without Disney.

So regardless of whether we head to Disneyland or Disney World, with our family, friends or all by ourselves, going to Disney is coming home, and we always need to remember that.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 8 due to the Disney Trip and College).