Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 965: Only at Disneyland

While planning videos for Disneyland, I left Wisconsin with a lot of ideas. As a Disney YouTuber who lives very far away from the Disney parks, it's a rare opportunity that I get the chance to film on location in the parks. Luckily, I have the resources from Disney World to include footage from just about any attraction in my videos, but Disneyland was a whole other story. I had five days in the parks and LOTS to accomplish, so of course I decided the best plan of action would be to add on another on location video halfway through the trip.

It struck me while out at Disneyland that there has to be some reason that Disneyland gives off this overwhelming sense of home. There's a calming happiness there that you can't always find at Walt Disney World. It's made up of loyal, life-time, local guests, and a history that predates the rest of the theme parks that would follow. As time went on throughout my trip, I realized just how much I had missed some of the things there. World of Color, an absolute favorite of mine, is nonexistant at Walt Disney World. Likewise, we don't have a Matterhorn or Mickey Beignets or Captain America. When I realized that those barely scratched the surface, I decided to take it a step further, and make my own celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland by exploring just how unique it is...

It took me almost 6 hours to edit this video, one of the longest since I've started doing weekly Friday videos for YouTube, but every minute was worth it. Disneyland, as those who visit regularly know, is a place of real magic. I see Walt Disney World as my home, and I have the feeling that I always will, but there's something about Disneyland that just feels right. I can't quite put my finger on why Disneyland is so special, but I have the feeling it has a lot to do with the fact that it's the only one of the Disney parks where Walt himself walked, and that's a presense you can't replicate at any of the other Disney Parks, at least not on the level you can at Disneyland. 

Then again, Disneyland has a lot of unique stuff, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back soon and experience it all over again. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on Septmebr 15 due to a tight schedule).