Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 1166: When Times Are Tough

Life certainly likes to throw curve balls. Really, after how the fall semester went I figured that there was no way anything else could go wrong...and then we were all thrown for another loop that had my friends and I panicking. It affected a lot of us, and all in all, today was one of the most draining days since last December. Thankfully I have great friends now, most of which are going through the same thing I am, questioning what's even going on and attempting to adjust to drastic changes in the matter of days. I'm not going into the situation at hand, but that's not why we're here anyway. 

After an excessively long day that included multiple recitals and dinner out with friends, the night came to a surprisingly late and much-needed end. One of my good friends and I decided that the only way to deal with the situation was to not think about it and watch Tangled instead. Needless to say, it worked, and we actually ended up also watching part of Into the Woods and the first episode of Game of Thrones, but it just goes to show that there's not a bad day that a little Disney can't fix. 

I realize that this is an extremely short blog post, but honestly there isn't much else to say other than to thank the universe for great movies and great friends that are always there for you when you'd be otherwise floundering. 

Maybe we should have watched The Little Mermaid...

Have a magical day!