Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 1179: Appointment at Noon

Welcome to Wisconsin, where it can officially be Spring and Easter can be in a couple of days, but there's a blizzard outside your window...again. 

To be fair, it wasn't that much of a blizzard, at least not by me. I've spent the majority of my "spring break" holed up in my apartment at college, mostly because the internet is better and it's drastically quieter than everywhere else. After spending a couple of days in the apartment alone, both my roommates popped in and we ended up riding out the storm together...if it can even really be called a storm by Wisconsin standards. It doesn't mean that those of us here aren't incredibly jealous of our friends off in Florida, but still. 

The nice thing about a snowstorm though? You don't have to go anywhere. You literally pretty much have to stay inside, or you can at least use it as an excuse to stay inside, which means you have plenty of time to work on everything that you've been procrastinating on for days...and time to make Mickey waffles. It occurred to me today that I post more pictures of sushi and Mickey Waffles than any other food though, so there's something to think about. 

In case you were wondering what a snowstorm in Wisconsin in March looks like, I've got you covered there too. I somehow remembered that taking a "before" picture might be a good idea, and since I like right on the river, things worked out pretty well for me: 

That picture represents exactly 24 hours folks. Like I said, welcome to Wisconsin. 

Have a magical day!