Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 1165: No More Snow

[Luckily], I took this picture earlier in the semester, but it certainly is still winter, and I feel like I blog about it every couple of days. However, as we reach the end of the snow, it seems, I thought we might remember some of our favorite snow-capped moments from Disney movies! 

The one that always stands out to me is from 101 Dalmatians, when little Lucky is so darn cold that everything has froze, including his tail, nose, ears, and toes! I can relate, because it's basically my experience going to class every morning. 

And here we have the most accurate representation of me ice skating (or walking in winter in general) that there ever has been or will be. On the left you see expectations for what it'll be like walking over ice...and on the right is the hard reality. 

Next up we have the expression of everyone the entire winter through. The only time it changes is for the occasional really beautiful snowfall or the first snowfall of the year. Then we just get salty. 

Seriously though, we usually don't look like this 

And now, because of course there couldn't be a post about winter in Disney movies without a little Frozen, have some Elsa, whom I've asked multiple times to help me stop the winter and she refuses to do so. 

Oh well, I guess instead I'll just have to continue trying to figure out how to make this work in my backyard: 

Have a magical day!