Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 1177: For the Love of Nautical Blue

I sat at Barnes and Noble for a long while, on the floor, in front of a shelf filled with adult coloring books. The newest craze was brought to my attention this past Christmas when one of my former roommates gifted me an adult coloring book, and now I use my crayons and colored pencils far more often than I have in the past two years. I didn't intend to buy a coloring book at Barnes and Noble, but the nautical themes of one based on the ocean got my attention and didn't leave me alone...probably because forecasted snow and friends actually on the beach made me wish for warmer weather and a beautiful view.

I've always loved nautical things though, and somewhere along the line, probably when I was coloring a trio of seashells to catch the colors found on The Seas with Nemo and Friends, I realized that my love of all things nautical, including pirates, probably goes much further back than those around me might think.

I definitely still remember the old Living Seas at Epcot, with the attraction vehicles much similar to Spaceship Earth than those currently found on an adventure with Nemo, and the diver's tank that existed long before it was reintroduced a few years ago. My memories of the old Epcot, I've come to realize, are something I really should treasure, because for the young generation of Epcot lovers, I'm right on the cusp between those who really remember what Epcot used to be about and those who wish they did.

But my love of nautical things probably stems more from another location, one outside the parks. I talk about Old Key West as my home resort all the time, and I wish I could clearly express through words just how much it really is home. I honestly think I almost have more memories that occurred in the walls of a room at OKW than I do in my own home, and for those of you who have explored the resort as I have, you know just how nautical the place can get. It's not overly ocean-themed, but there is a lighthouse, and the gingerbread architecture of the conch republic really stands out amidst many of the other resorts at Walt Disney World. Growing up, and still today, I adore the corals and aquas and dark and light blues, I decorate with ships and seashells frequently, and I've built more than one house on the Sims with nautical themes. And just to prove that I did indeed spend a lot of my childhood at OKW, here's a picture of my Dad and I sitting on the balcony of our room.

I'm a bit taller now, but the balcony hasn't changed much.

Have a magical day!