Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 1180: King Kong

The latest phase at our house is the intent to watch some of the films on the American Film Institute list of greatest films of all time. I'm totally ok with this, mostly because I already started some of these films, intent on watching as many of the films featured in The Great Movie Ride as possible, and because I have a very real love of classic films. 

Our first choice: King Kong, which I'd never seen before, and will honestly probably never watch again. It was alright, not the worst movie I've ever watched, and I can see why it's on the list of greatest films of all time, but it's old horror to the point where, in today's society, it's almost comical. Some of the standards in the film are so outdated that it just makes everything ironic, and the stop motion of King Kong himself, as well as the totally predictable plot line, keep you laughing more than anything else. 

Still, if you haven't seen this classic movie and are into things like that, definitely give it a watch, and bring some popcorn and friends along for the ride because it's way more fun that way! 

Have a magical day!