Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Day 1184: Readjusting to Life

It's been about two months now since I made the decision to move to a new apartment and drastically change my life forever, and looking back at the past three months, it's obvious that I was challenged in ways that I never thought possible. That's just the bad news though, because the good news is that no matter how difficult it all seemed, I know I've been changed for the better.

For those of you that were around at the very beginning of the year, you'll know that I really wasn't doing too well. The first blog post of 2016 really outlines where my emotions were at, and those feelings continued to go on for the majority of January, even through a trip to Florida with Frank and my Mom. Since then it's felt like one blow after another, but regardless I'm happier than I think I have been at any point in college, and I thought that it was probably about time to give you a complete update on what that means.

The blog post detailing our new apartment isn't up yet (those other blows have really put me behind on blogging, but I'm slowly catching up), but we love living here a ridiculous amount, even if the building is scheduled to be torn down at the end of the year. We have another roommate, Erin, who we love and get along with super well. The corn in the picture above is part of a real meal, which I made myself for dinner, and is absolutely something that wouldn't have happened last semester. Eating healthier means I feel healthier, and that means I'm happier too.

While unfortunately I lost some friends over the past few months, my experiences have also brought me closer to new friends, and oddly enough, they're mostly people that have surrounded me for years. The best part though? They absolutely accept me for the really weird person that I obviously am. I think I've spent more time in the past two months in other dorms and trying new things that I ever have before, and even if I had to go through hell to make it to those experiences, I'm pretty grateful. I love and adore the people that I'm surrounded by now (not to say that I didn't love and adore those that I have lost, because I did, very much), and I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear that a smile on my face is once again a feature in my everyday life.

And, of course, as you already know, I'm looking forward to my next Disney trips! I've already introduced my "Choose My Adventure" idea, but here's a video on it as well that explains a bit more:

Videos and blog posts have definitely been spotty over the last few months, but even as I approach the end of the semester, I'm making an effort to keep on top of things as best I can and catch up on what I've missed. My goal is write at least two blog posts a day (one for the current date and then one other), which allows for all of you to read through at a more normal rate, and allows me to have enough time and energy to spend on each individual post. YouTube videos will continue to go up on Tuesdays with the possibility of a few surprise videos here and there! 

Overall though, I can't express how thankful I am for all of your support. Previous to the last number of months I thought I knew what suffering and pain felt like, but the challenges that were thrown my way were never something I could have anticipated or prepared for, but I'm so much happier now that I'm not sure it even matters anymore. Rafiki once said that we have to put the past behind us, and I think that now, finally, after a lot of thought, I'm ready to do just that, and start readjusting to the new life I'm building for myself as we speak. 

Have a magical day!