Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 1249: Freebies

When you move you really should listen to the advice you read. For instance, really think about what you might need in the first 24 hours of your new apartment or home. Chances are, a toothbrush and toothpaste will probably be at the top of your list (they're at the top of mine too), along with maybe a pillow, some basic food, paper plates, and so on and so forth.

What they forgot to tell you is that if you're a college student running back and forth, you may just want to invest in some duplicates of things so you have one at home and one at school. You'd think that after three years of this back and forth game (I live about a half hour from my college), I'd have the hang of it, but apparently not. Since our shower isn't working currently, I headed home to drop off some extra boxes, check out some furniture solutions for our new apartment, grabs a few tools, and take a shower. There was just one small problem: my shampoo was at school.

Never fear though, because as my friends know very well, my bathroom is fully stocked with free guest shampoos and conditioners and soaps and lotions that have been collected over many years of travel. I'm pretty sure that some of these are older than I am, but they're really nice for when you need some extra shampoo, whether it be for a guest or yourself. After all, when you do travel, these are just free little complimentary samples, so even if I don't use them on my trip, I'll typically throw them into my suitcase to add to the collection at home.

Let's just say that the shampoo from Walt Disney World saved my morning when I couldn't find any shampoo, and that next time I'll be sure to remember to bring some from school...or pick some up on my way home.

Have a magical day!